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Portland is a great place to call home because not only is it beautiful but it has a truly unique feel. Former warehouses that have been converted into contemporary lofts and multistory condominiums are popular housing options for new residents, due not only to their uniqueness, but also their location near some of the cities finest restaurants, brewpubs, shops, and art galleries. Unfortunately, parking in these areas is scarce, making parking in Portland more hectic than it has to be.

If you are new to the area and aren't lucky enough to have a parking spot at your new residence, ParkingSpotter can help. ParkingSpotter is a new way to find parking in Portland. People with available parking spots that they are looking to rent out or sell are able post the descriptions of their available parking spaces on the ParkingSpotter website using a simple and streamlined posting system. As new parking availability crops up, parking seekers can search for parking in Portland near their home address.

From parking in University Park to parking in Beaumont-Whilshire, available spaces arise in all sorts of areas, from parking garages and parking lots, to peoples' driveways. Chances are you will find parking in Portland that meets your needs. Our database of available parking in Portland is always growing, so even if nothing catches your eye right now, be sure to check back soon! You can also sign-up for email notifications; when parking near your address becomes available, we will send you an email to let you know.

Finding long-term parking is also an excellent opportunity for environment-conscious individuals to cut down their pollution. Circling the block looking for parking may not seem like a particularly harmful extension of your daily commute, but recent studies by UCLA urban planners reveal the environmental damage that searching for parking can contribute: over the course of a year, searching for curb parking in a 15-block business district produced 730 tons of carbon dioxide. Parking in Portland might not contribute to this degree, but circling the block does pump more and more greenhouse gases into the air.

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